True influence is not about the numbers...

 It's about how people think of you and whether they trust you.


This is also what gets you paid.


Self-starting women who are craving dedicated, intensive, loving and raw support of like-minded souls and understand the power of collaboration over competition.


Women who are ready to work directly with me to cut through their own bullshit and blaze a new trail.

Women who know what they need to do, but desire the support, accountability, and brainstorming to make it happen.



You will set your own goals during the course of our work together, and I will help hold you accountable to all of them.


Each module will include a class from me as well as our guest speaker & additional guidance for growth.

I can't stress enough that this program is for self-starting women who are ready to decide what they want and go get it.


We tap into your purpose, we pull your core message from your soul and we magnetize those who need you... to you.

And then we make money.

  • First Enrollments will receive a Pretty Ambitious Journal 

  • 5 Modules From Austin covering 

    • ​Module 1 Minimal Approach to Business, Authenticity, Nurturing Your Audience 

    • Module 2 Who Are You, Art of Connection, Problem / Solution Content

    • Module 3 Whose Your Clients, Organic Growth, Ride the Vibe

    • Module 4 Master Your Message, Organic Funnels, Online Events, Strategy

    • Module 5 Boundaries, System & Organization 

  • Additional Application Modules in Technology, Marketing & Business Strategy from Guest Speaker Andrea Hedberg. 

    • Andrea is a business strategist implementing technology into businesses through sustainable avenues. She has coached her clients to high 7 figures through multiple streams of revenue. ​


Each week new modules & growth assignments will be released to you.

Participation is strongly suggested to make the most of this experience. I ask that you check into the group located in our Members Section with your weekly update. 

Sharing your experience in turn helps others to understand, live & grow more fully.