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I had a woman in mind when I built out The Pretty Rich Membership. 


She was unaware of patterns that kept her stuck. 

She was terrified the money would never come. 

She was uncertain as a business woman. 

She was yearning to be seen, heard, and understood as an entrepreneur. 

She was missing community in her support structure. 

She was craving how to build a business leveraging practical and energetic principles. 


I understood her immensely. 

I knew her inside and out. 


Because she was me. 


The generational patterns that keep you broke ? Those stop here. 

The lack? That stops now. 

The uncertainty? We create self trust. 


Through the frame work and methodology I’ve created, you will heal, rearrange, shift, and embody new was of being. 


Through the strategies and principles I teach, you will learn how to build, scale, brand, and grow into a CEO the feminine way.  


We get to root of energetic strategy - so you can grow into the 7 figure badass we know you are. 


This isn’t program… 


This is a community of support, love, knowledge, and embodiment practices. 


Through the membership, you will have access to Austin's entire library of previously recorded masterclasses, ALL NEW masterclasses ( including Relations), weekly trainings, monthly guest expert trainings,  community, support, sisterhood, healing, love, and as always, my intention is to help you build a legendary business while having as much fun as possible and make it rain. 


Members also have access to special pricing to all courses and private mentorship containers. 


Each week new trainings  & growth assignments will be released to you.

Participation is strongly suggested to make the most of this experience. We ask that you check into the group located in Facebook with your weekly update. 

Sharing your experience in turn helps others to understand, live & grow more fully.

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